There are six members in my family, including my dog.My momís name is Mona, my dadís name is Curtis, my oldest sisterís name is Leah, my youngest sisterís name is Jessica, and my dogís name is Sadie.Our hometown is Ankeny, Iowa.My oldest sister graduated from Iowa State last winter with a degree in English Education.She now lives in Los Angeles, California.Leah will soon be moving to San Diego though, and then hopefully back to Iowa the year after.She wanted to experience living somewhere else before settling down.My younger sister is currently a freshman at Ankeny.She is busy with dance, cheerleading, and keeping up with her social life as a teenager.My dog Sadie is a miniature schnauzer.She is 12 years old and is as active as she was the first day we brought her home.As my family would say, I am obsessed with her.I donít have a problem with them saying that though because I know it is true.My mom works at Farm Bureau in West Des Moines, and my dad works for the Wal-mart company.His office is located in Altoona.As well as my family, my boyfriend, Nate, is a big part of my life.He attends Boone DMACC and will transfer to Iowa State next year.We have been together for almost two years.We like to try new things, go places, and just have fun together.