Mechanical Engineer & Machinist

About ME

My name is Taylor Schweizer. I am enrolled at Iowa State University for Mechanical Engineering. Previous to Iowa State University, I attended North Iowa Area Community College in the Tool&Die program. I have worked at Sukup Manufacturing in Sheffield, and now I work as an Undergraduate Teacher's Assistant at Iowa State University for M.E. 324, Manufacturing Engineering, and also as a Hub Technician, working in the various labs at Iowa State University. 


 I am currently in the middle of several projects. I have purchased a Grizzly G0704 Milling machine, and I am converting the machine to a C.N.C. machine. I also am designing a robotic arm with 6 degrees of freedom, that responds to voice control. I have also built a functioning RepRap Prusa Mendel, a cheap open-source 3d printer. Eventually once I complete these projects I will do my best to post a brief tutorial, as well as blueprints and my source code. I also hope to sell C.N.C. adapter kits, as well as robotic arm kits, but this is much further in the future. If you would like to know more about these projects, please check out my "projects" page.