So, Who is Brian Smith? So, you've managed to stumble to my homepage and want to learn something about me that is not derivable from my resume or the rest of the homepage?

Hmm. Well, I suppose.
I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering at ISU. I am plan on doing work in computation electromagnetics.
I received a BSEE and a BSCPRE with math minor in May 2000. I took the networking classes and the communications/DSP classes.
I currently work for the Scalable Computing Lab within the US Dept of Energy/Ames Lab I am some sort of "research assistant", though I pretty much only have time to do sysadmin any more.
If I had free time or motivation, I would probably do:
I finally moved out of the stinking hellhole that was the Dorms. I live in a very nice apartment overlooking Howe Hall with 2 other people. We have a 2.4 GHz 11mb wireless ethernet connection to campus that works almost 50% of the time. Go Back