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Well, here it is (at last), Picture Pages Part III.
I broke down and bought myself a new scanner and scanned all of
the pictures that I've had sitting around collecting dust. This
should make it easier for future Picture Pages, also...

These pictures are split (mostly) between older Central pictures and the trip to Boston and Providence that Aron and I went on during spring break. However, they are not currently organized in any manner... If any of you have college pictures, send them to me and I'll get them scanned in...

NOTE: These pictures are JPG images. I am pretty sure Mosaic WILL NOT display inline JPG images. I don't know how many of you this will affect. Click on the feedback pointer above and let me know if this is going to be a major problem. If I get enough responses, I will probably convert the pictures into GIFs. However, the GIFs take up nearly 5 times as much space. I would really prefer leaving the pictures as JPGs. So, get Netscape if you can (it rules anyway) or some other browser that supports inline JPG images.
One more thing, these pictures are all 256 color pictures demoted from 16.8 million colors. So, they used to look better and they will only look right on a 256 (or more) color display. This is one thing I can't do much about and still have pictures.

Now, onto the pictures....

Picture Pages Part I

Picture Pages Part II

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