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Pictures Pages Part II
Well, I'm trying to make all of the many Picture Pages look somewhat 
more uniform... So, if you have any comments, please let me hear about them.

Stephanie, Angie, Ana, and Alethea
Kurt, Matt, Aron, and Dao playing twister
Angel, Kelly, Leta, and Huong at Kelly's
Kurt and Ben dressed for success
Hoover People before Senior Awards Ceremony
Small group at Ben's
Chris Espersen with a strange look
After the Central Academy Ceremony
Mike playing Frisbee
Small Group at Kiwanis Nature Island
Kurt's Christmas/New Years's Party 1994
Another view of the above
Arresting Avery II
Matt, Becky, Mike, others at Rebecca's house
Avery and Anna
Downtown DSM at sunset
Dinner at Rebecca's house
Really good picture of Alethea
Another shot after the Minneapolis trip
Avery, Anna, and Mike
Anna and Avery (b&w) - BIG
Junior Year Ski Trip (b&w) - BIG
Pre-Homecoming at Leta's (b&w) - BIG
Brian at the Park's Library
Senior Central Academy Picture - BIG
Underneath 1002 Gilman (Chem building)
In 1002 Gilman (Chem building)
Aron and Brian debating organic chemisry
The ISU Museum - I bet you know where this is - NOT
The cracking column in Sweeney

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