ISU Chemistry Club Veisha '96

ISU Chemistry Club VEISHEA '96 Demonstration

"Blowing things up in the name of science"

Picture File List
Image File Size
chem401.jpg 4K The Ammonia Fountain
chem402.jpg 14K Thermite
chem403.jpg 12K Calcium Carbide
chem404.jpg 19K Calcium Carbide
chem405.jpg 17K Dave Lighting the Burner
chem406.jpg 17K Barking Dogs
chem407.jpg 15K Barking Dogs
chem408.jpg 16K Barking Dogs
chem409.jpg 6K Little Ethanol Cannon
chem410.jpg 4K Big Ethanol Cannon
chem411.jpg 15K Fireworks Finalle
chem412.jpg 12K Fireworks Finalle
chem413.jpg 16K Genie in a Bottle
chem414.jpg 19K ISU Chemistry Club '96
chem415.jpg 8K Gummi Bears
chem416.jpg 9K Gummi Bears
chem417.jpg 17K Gummi Bears
chem418.jpg 14K Hydrogen Balloon
chem419.jpg 15K Hydrogen + Oxygen Balloon
chem420.jpg 19K 'Jello'
chem421.jpg 17K Magnesium + CO2 Light
chem422.jpg 3K Phosphorous Moon
chem423.jpg 12K Phosphorous Moon
chem424.jpg 17K Phosphorous Moon
chem425.jpg 17K The NO Cannon
chem426.jpg 12K The NO Cannon
chem427.jpg 14K The NO Cannon
chem428.jpg 7K The NO Cannon
chem429.jpg 12K The Rainbow Connection
chem430.jpg 12K The Rainbow Connection
chem431.jpg 15K Thermite
chem432.jpg 8K Thermite