Extant Respirometry

This is the home of Extant Respirometry a research initiative at Iowa State University devoted to providing innovative solutions for determining the fate of synthetic organic compounds in wastewater treatment systems and the environment.  The extant respirometer is a simple respirometric device that enables rapid (typically within 30 minutes) determination of the biodegradation profile of a specific compound (or concentrated wastewater sample).  From this biodegradation response, the  biodegradation kinetics can be determined.  The kinetic parameters can then be used to predict the performance of the treatment plant and specifically the effluent concentration of the compound of interest.



Data Analysis Spreadsheet (zip file 1.6 Mb) 

Data Analysis Spreadsheet (xls file 6.6 Mb)

PowerPoint presentation entitled, "A simpler approach for determining biodegradation of SOCs in wastewater treatment."

PowerPoint presentation entitled, "Activated sludge processes for nutrient removal."

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