Recent Lab Publications

Mathur, D. and Henderson, E. (2012) Complex DNA Nanostructures from Oligonucleotide Ensembles, ACS Synthetic Biology, in press.

R. Lutz, J. Lutz, J. Lathrop, T. Klinge, E. Henderson, D. Mathur, and D. Abo Sheasha, (2012) Engineering and Verifying Requirements for Programmable Self-Assembling Nanomachines. Proceedings of the Thirty-Fourth International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2012, Zurich, Switzerland, June 2–9, 2012), New Ideas and Emerging Results Track. In Press.

Lutz, Robyn R., Lutz, Jack H., Lathrop, James I., Klinge, Titus H., Mathur, Divita, Stull, Don M., Bergquist, Taylor G. and Henderson, Eric R. (2012) Requirements Analysis for a Product Family of DNA Nanodevices. (2012) 20th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'12). In Press.

Legacy Lab Publications

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