Being an entrepreneur means a LOT more than starting a business or making a bunch of money. It is a way of thinking about problems and formulating solutions, even if they run contrary to conventional wisdom. If you want to take this class email me with any questions here: telomere@..., or just sign up!

Entrepreneurship in Science and Technology

GDCB 505 | FALL 2012

Overview. The immediate goal of this course is to create a highly interactive environment for students to learn about entrepreneurship as it pertains to science and technology. Through lectures, guest speakers and class activities the entrepreneurial spirit in participating students will be awakened and nurtured. By the end of the class students will have a full grasp of what it means to be entrepreneurial in science, technology and other aspects of life.

Topics and Structure. The class will meet twice per week and include presentations by a broad range of entrepreneurs and supporters. Example topics Include: