(Interactive EPIC)

The web site for EPIC (at the Blacklands Research Center) is here: EPIC

EPIC User manuals at Blacklands Research Center: http://epicapex.tamu.edu/downloads/user-manuals/

Overviews of EPIC and i_EPIC, and some example applications, are provided in a report at CARD's Publications site.

Description Toolbar Buttons
File List Operation Diagram
Version History Screen Shots
F.A.Q. Table Structures
Input Variables Error Checks performed by i_EPIC.
Output Variables i_EPIC Configuration Options


Changes in this version:

Fixed bookmark bug in odbc_field_set_bookmark.bind_columns that caused display of control records to fail.

Fixed bug in epic_output_class.read_output_file_ann that lost track of columns if line length was > 256.

In table [Operations], "Useful Life Hours" is changed from small integer to (4-byte) integer because of overflow. Four new variables added to [Parameters] for extension of PRMT array in EPIC1102: "Parameter 92", "Parameter 93", "Parameter 94", "Parameter 95".

New field "Order" in [Field Operations] to control order of ops that share the same date or heat units (like Harvest and Kill). New variables "Date Planting", "Date Germination" and "Date Harvest" in [Output Annual Crop Growth].
Because i_EPIC has been compiled with a newer compiler, users will need to install Microsoft Redistributables for Visual Studio 2012 (vcredist_x86.exe).

PARM array limit for EPIC0810 increased from 82 to 84.

New version of EPIC0810 reads variables from EPICRUN.DAT: NBYR "Simulation Length", IYR0 "Beginning Year", IMO0 "Beginning Month", IDA0 "Beginning Day".

New variables "PARM(83)" throught "PARM(91)" in [Parameters]. New variable "Carbon Emissions" (TCEM) [Operations].

New variable "Carbon Emission Ratio" (CCEM) [Crops]. Correction to function that reads DWC output file for EPIC version 0810.

Download i_EPIC with Installer 2016-08-23 (Comes with EPIC5300, EPIC0509, EPIC0810 and a 1-record sample compatible with EPIC5300) Also download Microsoft's Redisributables (below) if installing for the first time.
Download i_EPIC.exe 2015-08-23

NOTE: If installing for the first time, or if you see this error message:
The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.
The program can't start because mfc110.dll is missing...
Install the "redistributables" from Microsoft: Download Microsoft Redistributables for Visual Studio 2013. Select the "vcredist_x86.exe" download because this version of i_EPIC is 32-bit.
Download 20 record sample 2015-04-13 (runs with EPIC0509, EPIC0810)
Download input variable help file 2015-04-13 (see Input Codes)
Download output variables.csv 2016-08-12 (see Output Variables)

Instructions for this download:

Running SETUP.EXE will install the program, by default to c:\Program Files (x86)\i_EPIC.

The EPIC run folders and an "i_EPIC Data" folder will be installed to your 'local appdata' folder (i.e. "c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\")

The database "sample.mdb" will be #1 in the recently used file list ("File" | "1").

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