i_Century is a model control system for the Century Soil Carbon model developed by the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University.  It stores CENTURY input data in an Access database, feeds that data to CENTURY, runs CENTURY, and reads and stores the results.

CENTURY 4 Home Page at Colorado State
CENTURY 5 Home Page at Colorado State

Operation Diagram  

Access Table Definitions
CENTURY Versions


For first install: Download both i_CENTURY.exe and the 20-record sample.  Open the sample with the "File" | "Open" menu.  Use "File" | "Configuration" to tell i_CENTURY where the CENTURY executable (centx.exe) is.

Changes in this version

2013-08-09: In table [Crops], columns cmrspnpp were labeled (0) through (5) instead of (1) through (6). Columns cgresp were labeled (0) through (2) instead of (1) through (3). Tablecheck won't copy correct rows so they should be manually renamed. Four fields "fligni(1,2)" through "fligni(2,3)" were entered incorrectly in code reading the [Crops] table.

The new tablecheck.exe uses an XML pattern file, and can be downloaded from here:

Tablecheck i_Century.xml

Because i_Century is compiled with a new version of Visual Studio, users may require download from Microsoft.

New variables in both tables [Output Annual] and [Output Monthly]: SOM2C(1) and SOM2C(2) replace variable SOM2C. New variables (from year_summary.out) "n2oflux", "noflux", "n2flux", "ch4", "nit", "ppt". New variables "SOLRAD", "RHUMID" and "WINDSP" in tables [Weather Historical Daily] and [Weather Historical Monthly]. New variables "WSCOEFF(1,1)" and "WSCOEFF(1,2)" in [Crops]. New variables "WSCOEFF(2,1)" and "WSCOEFF(2,2)" in [Trees]. New variables "Maximum Daily Nitrification", "Snow Effect Soil Surface Temp", "NO3 Mineralization" in [Site Data].

Table [Control Records] : restored variable DEC5 which represents sum of DEC5(1) and DEC5(2) and is kept for use with older Century versions. New variable PCEMIC2(3,3) for Century 4.6.

Changed CenturyControlRecord.write_fixed to use DEC5 in older versions, and corrected the same function to use P2CO2(2) for older P2CO2 instead of for P2CO2(1).

New sample database provided for Century 4.6.

Download i_CENTURY 2013-08-09 (.EXE only, requires CENTURY to be already present)
Download 20 record sample database 2013-08-09, compatible with "Century 4 Agricultural".
Download sample monthly database 2013-08-09, compatible with "Century 4.6".
Download input variable help file 2013-08-09

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