Personal Page for Trish Stauble

Besides affordable housing issues, here are the other things that I spend time and energy on:

Kachina and Ziggy in March, 2000.


Sonya - queen of the hay and top dog in March 2000.


Ziggy and Kachina in February, 2003.


Sonya - my first dog, ever, and 10 years old in Jan 2007

Kachina engaged in water therapy for her ACL (blown knee).

Ziggy Stardust!!! Adopted from Adopt-A-Husky,

Hanging with alpha male, Harry, my hubby, October 2003

Friend, Doris, and dogs, December 2004.

My two boys...Aren't they handsome?



Siberian Huskies are a special breed -- the most difficult aspect of their nature is their desire to run, run, run. You cannot let this dog off leash and expect to see it again for a long time ... even the World Champion does not return to its owner when it gets off leash and begins to run !!!

Here are a few sites that explain this and some of the other special characteristics that make the husky such a delight and a challenge !!

Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc. -