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Besides affordable housing issues, here are the other things that I spend time and energy on:

Kachina and Ziggy in March, 2000.


Sonya - queen of the hay and top dog in March 2000.


Ziggy and Kachina in February, 2003.


Sonya - my first dog, ever, and 10 years old in Jan 2007

Kachina engaged in water therapy for her ACL (blown knee).

Ziggy Stardust!!! Adopted from Adopt-A-Husky,

Hanging with alpha male, Harry, my hubby, October 2003

Friend, Doris, and dogs, December 2004.

My two boys...Aren't they handsome?

Trish and Ole Ole Again Ole Yet Again
Ole came to us in 2012 or so. We had her for only two years before she passed away from cancer. She was the sweetest dog, but yet, a husky. She has stiches showing from her encounter with a fox ! She was fierce but the fox lived through the tussle ! We will miss her so much and thank our neighbors down the street for giving her to us. They were unable to keep her, and so lovingly gave her to us. Miss you Ole !
Zoe-1 Zoe-2 Zoe-3 Zoe grew, she developed eyebrows...! Zoe was born January 11, 2015 ! She is growing up...came to us at 14 now 41 pounds at six months !



Siberian Huskies are a special breed -- the most difficult aspect of their nature is their desire to run, run, run. You cannot let this dog off leash and expect to see it again for a long time ... even the World Champion does not return to its owner when it gets off leash and begins to run !!!

Here are a few sites that explain this and some of the other special characteristics that make the husky such a delight and a challenge !!

Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc. -