Affordable Housing in Story County

This site contains information on the Story County Community Housing Corporation (SCCHC). See their website at for more information on how this non-profit, membership-supported organization addresses the need for affordable housing in Ames and Story County, Iowa.

For a quick overview, here is a PDF explaining the SCCHC.

Home Ownership - The Story County Community Housing Corporation (SCCHC) formed in 2006 to provide affordable home ownership and rental opportunities to income qualifying families. A family of four making 80% or less of Story County median income is eligible to buy an SCCHC home. Similar income guidelines apply to those who rent SCCHC properties. Here is an initial application for home ownership.

The land trust model creates a stock of permanently affordable housing for our community. Families who purchase a land trust home resell their homes to other income-qualifying family at a price determined by our resale formula which ensures that the subsidies used to create this affordable home remain with the home so another low-income family can afford to purchase it.

Affordable Rental Housing - There are 14 properties available for rent from the SCCHC. Here is an application to apply for rental housing with the SCCHC.

Getting involved with the SCCHC - We welcome your involvement with the SCCHC. We need members to guide this community-based organization. Our next membership meeting is March 16, 2009.

Read more about the SCCHC in our most recent newsletter.

Here is a sheet of suggested ways you can get involved with the SCCHC.

Email the director, Rich Webb or myself (Trish Stauble), for more information on how to get involved with the SCCHC. Currently, I am the Secretary of the Board of Directors for the SCCHC.

Past and Present SCCHC Board Members and Director

From left: Joyce Hertz, Bev Reddick (both past); Earl Hammond, Dale Vander Schaaf, Carl Bern, Trish Stauble, Jean Hempstead (passed away in 2007); Ted Huiatt, Rich Webb (kneeling) Exec. Director, and Roy Hougen (past Board member). Current Board members not in this picture include:  Chris Cook, Roger Ossian, Rick Borkowski, Kim Venteicher, Dick Tondra, Angie Shirk and Brad Hurd.

The Story County Community Housing Corporation (SCCHC) office is located at 130 S. Sheldon, #307, Ames, IA 50014.

Phone: 292-3676; Email: Rich Webb, Executive Director.

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