Family Background


My family consists of 8 family members. I am the 4th out of 6 children in my family. I have two sisters and an older brother, and two younger brothers.


The best mom and dad ever.

My dad used to work as a Navy officer and just retired about three months ago. Now, he is working at a company as a Senior Manager Officer.


My mom is a full time housewife. She is the best mom in the world. Her cooks are my favorite meal!



Lovely sisters.

The girl with blue dress is my eldest sister and the eldest in my family. Works as a training doctor or houseman at my home country (Malaysia) government hospital.


The girl with cream dress is the third child in my family. Study Medicine at Royal College of Medicine, Perak, Malaysia.




Cool brothers.

From the left is my elder brother. He is the second in my family. Study aircraft engineering at Moscow Aviation Institute at Moscow, Russia.


Person at the center is my youngest brother. The most pampered child in the family. He is only 12 years old.


The last one is my younger brother. People often call him “the family hero” because he is the bravest boy in my family. Still studying in high school and is 16 years old