Pol Sci 487-587

Electronic Democracy
Iowa State University, Ames Iowa.
A College Course on
Information Technology and Policy/Politics
Prof Steffen W. Schmidt, Ph.D.


Dr. Steffen Schmidt at Bill Gate's private reception - COMDEX

Case Studies- .
1. Ubiquitous Surveillance

2. Al Qaeda's Cyber Terrorism

3. Anti-Terrorism and Privacy

Sept. 4 lab assignment

Future Student Projects

Student Projects :

Elizabeth Bormann  - "National Regulation of the Internet"

Casey Callanan - "Public Funding and Internet Controls."

Jim Carter - Cyberwar: Are We Vulnerable?

Cory Cramer - Watching Big Brother:When Someone Tells, Everyone is Listening

Chris Evans - "Encryption and Law Enforcement."

Sarah Fischer - "Expanding Eastward: Internet Usage in Eastern Europe"

Aaron L. Fister - "Internet Technologies uses in a Political Campaign"

Ben Forshtay -Cryptography and the Internet

Katie Gilbert - "Cyber privacy and the Fourth Amendement."

Guo Hai - "e-Commerce"

Chris Hall- "The dangers of Proliferation of terrorism over the Internet"

Scott Kovach - "The Role of Information Warfare in Israel-Arab Conflicts"

Anna Ni - "E-Government: An Analysis of Interactive Features in City Government Web Sites"

Kip Peters - "Hactivism: The use of cyber attacks for political purposes."

Lindsey Severson - "Propmoting Democracy Through the Internet"

Molly M. Scherrman -"Internet Voting Regulations"

Oleg Stakhanov - "The Impact of IT on Citizens Advocacy Efforts in the Post Communist Countries: A Case Study of the 1998-1999 National Advocacy Campaign For Fair Taxation of NGOs in Russia"

Ben Weaver - "Title: Crime and Punishment in Virtual Worlds"

Craig Wilkening - "Internet Voting System"

Projects archived from class which was called "Cyber Politics"

 Scott Borre - Cyber-Terrorism 
Andy Ruff - Intellectual Property
Adam Manatt - ePolitics
Jason Kobes - Media & the Net

Loren Porter - Regulation and E-Commerce

|Students Go Nutz|

Ames, Iowa. (Information Technology Press Service). A dedictaed group of Iowa State University students under the direction of Dr. Steffen Schmidt have gone nuts and taken on the subject of Politics, Government, The Internet, and Information Technology.

Part of the course is a research project and a corresponding web site that each student must design, create, and maintain. Each of their research projects, ranging from Cyber Terrorism to the political and policy implications of e-commerce, will be accessible through this web site in weekly installments.

This course is now part of the INFAS - Information Assurance Master's program.This program trains students to be knowledgeable about encryption, security, and other issues related to the protection of web sites and computer systems.

|Privacy |

Go to the ACLU web site to find out all the dangers of privacy invasion of your life made much easier by IT and the Web.


Go to their "privacy" link for great information. There is also good information about employer monitoring of the Internet, e-mail and web use.

| Identity Protection|

Practical information on how to protect your identuy and your personal records can be found at:



Cool stuff on encryption and hiding information in graphics.