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Dr. Steffen W. Schmidt, Ph.D (E Mail)
Professor at Iowa State University and Nova Southeastern University, Oceanography Center
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My name is Arlo Hemphill and I am the director of the coastal conservation program for an Ecuadorian NGO, The Jatun Sacha Foundation. This program was founded last year and our primary project at this time is on a marine research station and center for investigation of sustainable aquaculture. We established this station late last year, but are also developing mangrove restoration plans for illegal shrimp farms. Before Jatun Sacha, I worked for Conservation International¥s Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) out of Washington, D.C. and before that worked as a forest mapper for the Smithsonian in the Ecuadorian Amazon. My undergraduate degree is in biology with a marine specialization and I am now pursuing a joint MS - Coastal Zone Management and Marine Bio at Nova Oceanographic.

On a personal level, I live with my German Shepherd (Wallace) and two roommates in Quito, Ecuador. I enjoy SCUBA, surfing, and sushi.

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