Coastal Policy Class

Fall 2004

Essay Exam # 2

Prof. Steffen Schmidt Ph.D.

Teaching Assistants:


This test is over material assigned in the book The Future of U.S. Ocean, videos, and readings in the second half of the course. When you write the test, each essay should be in MS Word, approximately two pages each, one and a half space, normal margins, Times New Roman, 12 point. Put your name, Test # 2, 2004, on the test page and number the pages. Send your essays to me by email:  As part of the email, include the total number of pages in your attached document so I can verify receipt of your entire document.  Note:  You may not submit revisions.  Only your first submission will be graded.


Tests submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the deadline which is ___________, shall receive a 10% bonus.  Tests submitted after the deadline shall incur the following late penalties:  within 24 hours -10%, an additional -5% for every day late thereafter.  No tests will be accepted one week following the deadline.


The test will be graded through a rubric that includes points for the following;

  1. Following the format instructions and submission time.  You are expected to submit graduate-level writing, which includes the use of spell-check and grammar-check.
  2. Answering all parts of the questions.
  3. Providing some concrete, factual examples, names, etc. to fortify your answer.
  4. Give some analytical conclusions and/or context (i.e. try to go a little beyond just describing)