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Steffen W. Schmidt, "Dr. Politics"
University Professor of Political Science
Iowa State University

Professional Activities

Associate, Latin American Institute, Univeristy of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. - Research, Consulting, Lecturing, Study Abroad to Belize.

Affiliate, Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center, Dania Beach, Florida.

Distance learning training, innovative teaching research, consulting, research projects on coastal areas of the USA and the world.

CEO, SEAS LLC Consulting. Publishing, distance learning, leadership.

Co-Founder and Chief Political Correspondent of Insider Iowa InsiderIowa.com a prize winning Internet magazine.


sws @ iastate {dot} edu
steffenschmidt2005 @ gmail {dot} com
Nova University: sschmidt @ Nova {dot} edu


PhD, Public Law and Government, Columbia University, New York City
BA, Rollins College, Winter Park Florida


* American Government and Politics
* Coastal Politics and Coastal Zone Management
* Latin American Politics
* Electronic Democracy and Cyber Issues
* Internet & Technology-Based Based Teaching and Learning





My Media Activity

* C-SPAN 2013 coverage of my ISU Political Parties Lecture Archived

* Media interviews 2011-2012 political season Click here for Link

* My video and written comments on politics in InsiderIowa.com - InsiderIowa.com.

* Des Moines Register blogs Click Here

* WNYC "It's a Free Country" Blog Click

* Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/DrPolitics

* Coastal Policy Blog - Coastal Policy and Politics

* My You Tube Channel 83,000 views and growing daily

* Super Tuesday - Analysis in Spanish from CNN Atlanta

* Election analysis from CNN en Español Atlanta Patricia Janiot>

* Video - "America Divided" Lecture - Delmar College, Texas America Divided



* Textbook: American Government and Politics Today 2013-14 CENGAGE

* Electronic Book, American Government and Politics 2013 (Cengage Brain.Full Internet support site, self-testing, drilling study material, mini-lectures, crossword puzzle, flash cards)

* American Government Brief Edition link >>>

* Reading in American Government (book) link >>>

* Reading in American Government 5th Edition Link >>>

* Who is You (Identity Theft book)

* The Silent Crime (Identity Theft book) Link >>>

* Friends Followers and Factions (Book) Link >>>

* Soldiers in Politcis (book) Link >>>

* Issues in Iowa Politics (book reader) Link>>>



Special Edition

* Schmidt interview with David Yepsen on Iowa Caucuses click here >
* Dead Sea and Rubber Tire Reefs >
* Three Crises of Nation Building >
* What is a web class when I teach it? >
* CNN en Espanol >

* Schmidt-O-Matic Voting System for Florida. YouTube >



Academic Work Tools:

Research Paper Guideline -GET

Advanced Writing Matrix - GET

Writing a good research paper - GET

ICZM (International Coastal Zone Management) Internship - Info

.Environmental and coastal careers & iinternships (download) - GET

* Read my Learning Outcomes Op Ed piece

Coastal Policy

ISU Coastal Policy Class - Site





Information on Coastal MOOC class summer 2014 Free class on Coastal Issues

Fall 2013

* American Government, Pol Sci 215, (blended in BlackBoard)
* Supervision of graduate student research
* Development of a MOOC on Coastal Policy and Iowa Caucuses
* Serving on 6 Committees

Spring 2014

American Government - Face-to-face with Internet activities
Electronic Democracy - Blended class with on-line only component
Graduate Student research and commitrtees
Complete and launch Summer 2014 Coastal Policy MOOC

Coastal Policy Class - 2012

International Student Trips/Experiences

Article on Belize Spring Break trip - Click

Cuba US State Department study trip

Student Colorado Ski Trip

International programs LAS College

More Info About Schmidt

Master Teacher With Technology Award - interview

Story in Visions Magazine teaching with information technology

Article - ISU Coastal Policy Class on the Web (2002)

Dr. Politics in the News

My 2011 election and politics media commentary (WARNING! 34 pages) > Word Document

Original Homepage - Class Electronic Democracy

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