Steffen W. Schmidt (aka Dr. Politics)
Univeristy Professor of Political Science
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011

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Four modules in each. No obligation.
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Video Introduction to my course-  very short but sweet.
NOW available for 2 credits.  POL S 312 SPL TOPCS AMER GOVT session starts October 19, 2015
If a student is on-campus and wants to take POL S 312 XW you need to use an add slip.  As long as the course is not full, the add slip does not need to be signed by the instructor (ME!) and can just be brought to 10 Enrollment Services.
If you are NOT currently and Iowa State Univeristy student go to this web site for instructions on signing up for the for credit session

High School, Bolles Military Academy
BA Rollins College
PhD Columbia Univeristy, New York in Public Law and Govenment
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Schmidt on latest polls WOI TV Sept 2015

Schmidt and Caucuses 2008 -