Stacey Weber-Fève, Ph.D.                                                                  
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Assistant Professor of French

Department of World Languages and Cultures

Iowa State University
3102 Pearson Hall
Ames, IA 50011-2205



Ph.D. The Ohio State University  (Columbus)            CV (pdf)      

Personal Statement: I am a specialist of French and Francophone Cinemas. In the first phase of my research, I focused primarily on women's contemporary filmmaking and lifewriting of France, Algeria, and Tunisia. More recently, I have begun to explore contemporary first-person cinematic and literary narratives of diaspora produced in France. In all my pursuits, I am particularly interested in the constructions and performances of gender, subjectivity, identity, and more recently "nation" on screen and in print. Given these research interests, my work is necessarily also interdisciplinary in nature, intersecting with the domains of contemporary French and North African literatures and cultures. I am a dedicated practitioner and always seek ways to explore how second-language research study can directly inform teaching, especially in the design of instructional materials. I am particulary interested in pedagogical research questions concerning literacy-based approaches to the teaching and learning of French langauge and French/ Francophone cinemas, literatures, and cultures across all levels of the foreign-language curriculum. I am also equally interested in where these approaches connect with the use of technology inside and outside the classroom.

Research Interests:French & Francophone Cinemas; Women's Filmmaking and Lifewriting of France, Algeria, and Tunisia; Graphic Narratives; Feminist/Transnational Film and Literary Theory; Gender Studies; Spectatorship; Genre Studies; Cultural Studies.

Teaching Interests: French & Francophone Cinemas; 20th/21st-Century French & Francophone Literatures; French Cultural Studies; French for Special Purposes; French Language (all levels).

Administrative Interests: French Language Program Direction; GTA Training and Supervision; Design of Pedagogical Materials and Curriculum Development; French Language & Cultures for Professions Program Direction.

Courses Taught: Genre & Gender in French Crime Film; French and Francophone Cinematic Art; Stars and Stardom in French Cinema; History of French Cinema; French Cinema for Conversation and Composition; Reading and Writing French; Modern French Literature; Introduction to Textual Analysis in French; French for Business and Professions; France and Francophone Worlds Today; Introduction to French Cultural Phenomena; Representations of Femininity in the 'Métropole' and the 'Maghreb'; Basic French for Reading for Graduate Students; All levels of French Language; Independent Study (Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen).

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