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Former Students

Former Ph.D Students

Yuyun Shang (CH2M Hill) Comparison of Temperature-Phased and Acidogenic/Methanogenic Anaerobic Digestion (May 00)

Lars T. Angenent (Assistant Professor at Washington University in St.Louis) Development of the Anaerobic Migrating Blanket Reactor (May 98)

Han-Yue Temperature-Phased Treatment of Primary and Secondary Wastewater Sludge (May 97)


Former Master Students

Cheng Li Research Topic: Temperature-Phased Anaerobic Digestion (TPAD) of Grocery Food Waste and Agro-waste (Aug. 04)

Yonghui Shi Research Topic: Application of Polymeric Ferric Sulfate (PFS) in Water Treatment (Aug. 03)

Qiyong Cao Bioconversion of Sulfide to Elemental Sulfur Using Trickling Filter (Aug. 02)

Harikishan Santha (Black & Veatch) Valuable Byproducts Recovery Using Temperature-Phased Anaerobic Digestion Process (Aug. 02)

Brian Foulkes Bioleaching of Zinc and Copper from Anaerobic Digested Swine Biosolids (May 02)

Ling Li Biohydrogen Fermentation from Organic Substrates (May 02)

Tao Lui The Effects of Ammonia Inhibition in Thermophilic Anaerobic Reactors (Dec. 01)

Steven Van Ginkel Biohydrogen Production Inoculating with Various Seed Sources (May 00)

Chris M Theiler Anaerobic Bioconversion of Corn Stover and Sewage Sludgefor Methane Generation (May 00)

Solomon J. Abel (Black & Veatch) Analysis of the Dewaterability of Sludge from Temperature-Phase, Phase-Separated, and Conventional Anaerobic Digestion Systems (Aug. 99)

Vijay Redla Effects of Nitrate Recycling on the Performance of the ASBR Treating Swine Wastes, Agricultural and BiosystemsEngineering (Co-advisor with R. H. Zhang) (Aug. 98)

Eric Thorburg Temperature-Phased Anaerobic Digestion of Mixtures ofPrimary and Waste-Activated Sludge (May 98)

Sumate Chaiprapat Development of a Startup Procedure to Treat Slaughtering Wastewater Using the Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor(Co-advisor with T. G. Ellis) (Dec. 97)

Steven J. Troyer Effects of Ammonia Concentrations on an ASBR TreatingSwine Wastes (Co-advisor with T. G. Ellis) (Dec. 97)

James Flamming Laboratory Study of Anaerobic Migrating Blanket Reactor Treatment of Wastes From Paper Recycle/Processing Plant (Aug. 97)