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University-wide Strategies to Achieve Goals

A set of University-wide strategies for each goal will serve as Iowa State's primary strategies. As primary strategies, they define the overall scope of initiatives that Iowa State will craft, each of which will then have concomitant strategies.

With regard to relationship and articulation within the broader educational environment and marketplace, we will implement our strategic plan in accordance with the guidelines and expectations of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, reflecting the public characteristics of governance. We will work collaboratively with the other Regent institutions as appropriate in order to complement each other with our strengths. We also will maintain a working relationship with the Iowa Coordinating Council for Post-High School Education (ICCPHSE) that will serve the best interests of our constituent stakeholders.

We recognize that strategies can change or be modified based on circumstances and results. Thus, the University-wide strategies are designed to provide a flexible overall framework. The University-wide initiatives will be designed and implemented based on annual or multi-year priorities and action plans. It is understood that many more strategies will need to be developed for specific initiatives at unit-level strategic planning.

The major University-wide strategies during 2000-2005 to achieve Iowa State's goals will be premised on a platform of three basic characteristics:

Based on this premise, the major University-wide strategies to achieve Iowa State's 2000-2005 strategic plan goals will be as follows.

Strategies for Learning (including but not limited to the following):

Strategies for Discovery (including but not limited to the following):

Strategies for Engagement (including but not limited to the following):


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