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Iowa State's Core Values

As we work toward creating an environment where continual learning serves the promises of a better world, all members of the Iowa State University community are called upon to act in harmony with our core values2:

Land-Grant Values: Reflecting our heritage and in achieving our aspiration, we embrace and operationalize our land-grant values of access to education and success, learning (encompassing practical and liberal education), discovery (encompassing basic and applied research), and engagement with society (encompassing service and outreach).

Excellence: We strive to continuously improve in the areas of learning, discovery, and engagement. Excellence embraces creativity, change, and innovation in order to engage and serve all stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, families, state and federal government, business, industry, communities, and citizens.

Quest for Knowledge: Through diverse perspectives, questioning, and discovery, we challenge ourselves to create new knowledge; and transmit, preserve, and apply our knowledge for life-long learning, and the promises of a better world.

Shared Leadership: In a community based on shared responsibilities and decision-making, we are empowered to take responsibility for continuous learning, and are mutually accountable to our stakeholders.

Integrity: Trust and trustworthiness, together, must characterize our words and our actions - as individuals and as a University. We expect that our actions will be consistent with our words; that we will demonstrate honesty and ethical behavior, and will address the needs of others.

Commitment: We enthusiastically strive to improve our University, and we eagerly accept diverse challenges and opportunities both at work and in the community. We pledge to make wise use of resources available to us, including financial resources, time, ability, and facilities that the institution provides.

Collaboration: We work with a broad range of constituencies to bring synergy and diverse viewpoints to the University. Sharing and dialogue foster two-way learning within the University, and with other academic institutions, business, industry, government, communities, families and citizens. We first listen and then respond to the needs of a broad range of constituents, providing opportunities for collaborative knowledge creation.

Mutual Respect: Genuine caring among individuals fosters diverse viewpoints and opinions, and shows that the skills and capabilities of all stakeholders are valued. We value community and continuous learning in the interest of civility, social justice, and upholding shared decision-making.

Inclusiveness: As a land-grant university, we are committed to the principles of equal access and opportunity. We constantly challenge ourselves to be proactive in protecting and advancing the interests of diverse populations and cultures, disenfranchised populations, and in breaking the barriers due to gender, race, physical abilities, economic level, and social status. We are committed to going outside our traditional constituent populations, to make higher education at Iowa State financially affordable, and geographically accessible.

Global Perspective: In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, higher education must become a network that links students, faculty, business, industry, government, and community. We think globally to shape our actions, in order to better serve our constituencies in their quest to realize the promises of a better world.

2Adapted from the draft of core values developed by the Shared Leadership for Institutional Change (SLIC) team at Iowa State University, under the auspices of the Kellogg Foundation.

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