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The Strategic Plan for 1995-2000

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Mission, role and scope statements

(Approved by the State Board of Regents, November 1989)

Mission Statement

Iowa State University of Science and Technology is a public land-grant institution serving the people of Iowa, the nation, and the world through its interrelated programs of instruction, research, extension, and professional service. With an institutional emphasis upon areas related to science and technology, the University carries out its traditional mission of discovering, developing, disseminating, and preserving knowledge.

Iowa State University provides high quality undergraduate programs across a broad range of disciplines, as befits the institution's stature as a university. In its dedication to excellence in teaching, the University strives to instill in its students the discernment, intellectual curiosity, knowledge and skills essential for their individual development and their useful contribution to society. A common goal of undergraduate education is to assure that all students, regardless of disciplinary major, acquire literacy in science and technology, an understanding of humane and ethical values, an awareness of the intellectual, historical, and artistic foundations of our culture, and a sensitivity to other cultures and to international concerns. Consonant with its role as a teaching and research institution, Iowa State University has a strong commitment to graduate education that, at both the master's and doctoral levels, emphasizes the development of professional, research, and scholarship skills.

As an integral part of the learning process, Iowa State University fosters the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge by supporting research, scholarship, and creative activity. The University also uses existing knowledge to address problems and issues of concern to the state of Iowa in particular, as well as to the national and global community. The University's research and scholarly endeavors are supported by public and private resources and are conducted in an environment of open scientific inquiry and academic freedom.

Extension, professional service, and continuing education activities are conducted through innovative and effective outreach programs that provide the people of Iowa, and beyond, with practical knowledge and information derived from leading instructional and research efforts at Iowa State University and elsewhere. Through its outreach programs, the University stimulates and encourages progressive change.

Iowa State University enrolls academically qualified students who represent diverse age groups, socio-economic levels, racial ancestries, ethnic heritages, and international cultures, and who provide a gender balance. Through the use of a variety of educational opportunities, advanced instructional technologies, and student services, the University supports the development of both traditional and non-traditional students, preparing them for citizenship and life-long learning in a rapidly changing world.

Finally, Iowa State University participates in international efforts to alleviate world hunger and poverty, to prepare students and faculty to be productive and responsible citizens of the world, and to contribute to increased cultural, educational, economic, scientific, and socio- political interchange and understanding between and among Iowans and other members of the world community.

Role Statement

The role of Iowa State University is defined by the institution's status as the state of Iowa's land-grant university and by its relationship to the other institutions of higher education within Iowa.

- Iowa State University must strive to develop and maintain instruction, research, extension, and professional service programs that fulfill the responsibilities of a major land- grant institution.

- Iowa State University shares with the other public institutions of higher education within Iowa the joint responsibility of providing a full range of high quality educational opportunities. Coordination among these institutions with respect to programs, clientele, and geographic areas is necessary to ensure that the priority needs of all Iowans are addressed and to avoid unnecessary duplication.

- Iowa State has a statewide system for extension education and information dissemination.

- Iowa State continues to be a leading higher education institution with institutional emphasis on science and technology.

- Consistent with its historic role, Iowa State University contributes to the economic development of the state of Iowa by attracting public and private organizations seeking proximity to leading authorities in particular fields, by participating in technology transfer, and by assisting efforts to strengthen and diversify the economic base of Iowa.

- Iowa State University assumes responsibility for helping to protect, maintain and improve Iowa's natural resources through the discovery and diffusion of knowledge and technology.

Scope Statement

Consistent with the university's role and mission statements, the current scope of Iowa State University is described below.

- Iowa State University of Science and Technology, a broad-based university with an orientation towards science and technology, has sufficient scope and depth in its instruction, research, and extension and professional service functions to enable it to continue to be a distinguished land-grant university. In addition to its undergraduate and graduate work in the physical, biological, mathematical, and social sciences, it will maintain and develop strong undergraduate programs in the arts and humanities, and will offer such master's and Ph.D. programs in this area as are justified to meet the needs of the state of Iowa and to maintain the overall strength and desirable balance of the university as a whole.

- In Iowa State University's professional programs, principal emphasis will be given to the main-tenance and development of strong programs in the sciences, agriculture, engineering, veterinary medicine, design, education, business, and family and consumer sciences. Interdisciplinary programs are offered that seek to combine the perspectives and methods of more than one discipline to better address the questions and problems confronting Iowa, the nation, and the world. The international efforts of Iowa State University are to be expanded and enhanced.

- Iowa State University will offer no major under-graduate or graduate programs in law, library science, human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, hospital administration, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech pathology.

- Future programs will be determined by the continuing assessment of existing programs and of developing needs. Programs will be curtailed or eliminated when the assessment of need and resources dictates that the resources could be better used for other programs. The university approaches the addition of new programs with considerable caution. Generally, new programs are fashioned out of existing programs in response to developing needs. But if the university is to remain vital, it must be prepared and able to develop, at appropriate times, new programs that are within its general mission and that meet the changing needs of the students and society.

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