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The Strategic Plan for 1995-2000

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Measuring progress

Iowa State University is committed to implementing this Strategic Plan and will carefully monitor progress on achieving the goals of the plan. A strategic planning progress report will be prepared annually that will summarize the progress Iowa State University has made on implementing the Strategic Plan.

During the development of this strategic plan, numerous measures of progress were suggested, but it was decided that specific targets should be set after the strategic plans for the college and other major units have been completed and approved, which will occur during fall 1995. Following approval of the unit plans, proposed university-wide measures will be reconsidered and bench- marks and targets will be established.

Presented below is a preliminary listing of key indicators of progress that will be measured and reported annually.

-- National ratings and recognition of ISU's academic programs and services

-- Student retention, graduation, and placement rates

-- National and international awards and honors received by students, faculty,

and staff

-- Responsiveness to the needs of Iowans

-- Numbers, quality, and diversity of students, faculty, and staff

-- Extended education programs and course offerings and enrollments (including evening, early morning, weekends, and distant education)

-- Offerings and enrollments in ISU's non-credit conferences, short courses, and workshops

-- Competitiveness of compensation for faculty and staff

-- Patents received, licenses signed, and income from patents and licenses

-- Sponsored funding awarded and Carnegie classification

-- Private funding received

-- Numbers of ISU students studying abroad or participating in international exchange programs

-- Number of outreach contacts made

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