One of the first big projects I have is to make Master Control work. I started here in June 2006, the equipment had been sitting here installed for over 2 years already. The computer interfaces had to be programmed and the control and audio connections had to be made. This room handles 512 audio connections in and can route them to any of 512 connections out.

This is a view of Master Control. It is nearly finished now and is able to route any studio or production room to any of our five radio stations or to our sister stations at University of Iowa or Unversity of Northern Iowa. This is the control board in Master Control. The two computer screens in front of it bring in the programming. The two screens to the right of it are used for production work. Each control on the board is programmable as to it's input, so the board can be reconfigured for each show that runs through it. These are the racks of equipment in Master Control. The three on the left are running an automation software for three of our FM stations. The next rack has the transmitter controls for our AM station. Our AM station is the largest non-commercial station in the United States. The next rack has the transmitter controls for our FM station. Our FM antenna is on a 2,000 ft tower. The last rack has the CD players and DAT players for use with the control board.

This phase of this room is nearly complete. Next step is to move AM control to here so we can rewire the AM studio. We also have Production Room 4 started. We will finish it out about the same time as rewiring the AM studio.