The Department of Art and Design international study option offers courses of study in fine arts and in interior design. A structured curriculum option includes courses required for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in fine arts and in interior design. The program offers students an opportunity to travel and experience the physical and cultural settings of major works in architecture, interior design, fine and applied arts. In addition, students study the historic Roman past compared to the conceptual 20th century present in context with its surrounding landscape and the Italian tradition.

The Rome experience consists of two basic components: 1) studio residency in Rome, and 2) field trip excursions to other cities and historic sites in northern and southern Italy. The residency involves an extended stay from late August to early December in Rome. During this time students will participate in orientation, Italian language classes, studio experiences and field trips. Field trips to other significant Italian cities and regions, combined with day trips both within and in the vicinity of Rome, are intended to broaden the students' awareness of the historical and contemporary developments in Italian design as a complement to the program curriculum.

Iowa State University, College of Design, is a member of the American Association of College and University Programs in Italy (AACUPI). This is an association of colleges and universities who have established study abroad programs in Italy. The representatives of the association members meet in Italy approximately four times a year to discuss the interaction between its member schools.

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