In addition to their experiences of studying in Rome and traveling in Italy, the ISU students will be privileged to have special administrative staff, teaching assistants, and guest critics and lecturers working with them in a variety of subjects while they are in Rome. Short biographical information of those working with the ISU Fine Arts and Interior Design students in Rome are as follows:


Patricia De Martino, PhD

Dr. Patricia Osmond de Martino, Advisor for Academic and Cultural Programs, is a native of Connecticut and a resident of Rome since the mid-1960's. She holds a Ph.D. in History from Bryn Mawr, a Laurea in Lettere from the University of Rome, and a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence. She has taught courses in Roman and early modern European history and organized and administered study-abroad programs in Italy for several Amercian colleges and universities. Her articles on topics of the classical tradition have appeared in international scholarly journals, and she is currently engaged in the research and writing of a book on the reception of the Roman historian C. Sallustius Crispus in the Renaissance.

Dr. de Martino, is assisting the Art and Design Department Rome Studies Abroad Program as a consultant and critic in developing field trips, and special activities, and in selecting visiting faculty and critics.

Linda Usai

Linda Usai is a native and resident of Rome. She holds a diploma in Spanish and English Interpreting and Translation and a Laurea in Spanish and English language and literature from the University of Milan. She worked as a secretary, interpreter and translater for many companies (including the Italian Broadcasting Corporation during the World Football Championship) and also as a tour leader for American groups. She has been working for the Pennsylvania State University since 1994, assisting the Director in the day-to-day management, counseling and advising students, finding accommodations, and arranging field trips. She travelled abroad many times, visiting Europe, Africa, Asia and the States, as she likes to compare different cultures.

Ms. Usai is assisting the Iowa State University programs with housing and the day-to-day administration of the program.


John Cunnally, PhD

Dr. Cunnally, Associate Professor of Art History, is a native of Boston and received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. His specialty is the survival and revival of antiquity during the Renaissance especially the collecting of ancient coins by artists and scholars of that period. He is the author of many articles and papers on Italian Renaissance Art, and his book about the coin collectors of the Renaissance will soon be published by the Princeton University Press. Dr. Cunnally has taught courses in Ancient, Renaissance, and Modern Art at Iowa State University since 1989. He has travelled extensively in Italy by car and rail and he firmly believes, like the people of ancient times, that all roads lead to Rome.

Terry Rossi Kirk, PhD

Dr. Terry Rossi Kirk received his Ph. D in 1997 and his Masters Degree in 1987 from Columbia University, New York, Department of Art History. At Columbia he received the President's Fellowship for advanced study through to the M. Phil. Degree. In 1996 he received the Accademia di Belle Arti "P. Vannucci," honorary academician for work in cataloguing their archictectural drawings.

His Bachelor Degree was received from Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut in 1984 with distinction for breadth of preparation in the history of art curriculum. The Victorian Society of England awarded Dr. Kirk a scholarship for study of 19th century architecture in England and the Victorian Society of America awarded him a scholarship for participation in field study group in Philadelphia. He has also received language certificates from Universita per Stranieri, Perugia, Italy; Universitat, Vienna Austria; and Universite de Geneve, Switzerland. He received his high school diploma from Ecole International, Geneva, Switzerland where he was President of the senior class. He also received the Universitat, Vienna prize in 1980.

Dr. Kirk is an associate professor of art history at the American University in Rome, Italy and has taught there since 1988. Previously he was an adjunct professor in the Department of Art History at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and has been a lecturer at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design. He has also published several articles in Italy and been curator of the "Guglielmo Calderini dai Disegni dell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia, Un architetto dell'Italia in costruzione."

Dr. Kirk will provide 10 hours of special lecture and discussion sessions for the Iowa State University Fine Art and Interior Design students during their semester in Rome.


Peter Flaccus

Peter Flaccus has a Master of Fine Arts in painting from Indiana University in Bloomington and a Bachelor of Art from Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts where he was a Phi Beta Kappa. During his career he has received numerous fellowships and grants. Since 1994 he has been teaching drawing, painting and 20th century art history at John Cabot University in Rome. He has also taught at the University of Washington, Temple Abroad/Tyler School of Art, Bennington College in Vermont, Princeton University, Illinois State University, State University of New York, Colorado State University and others.

Mr. Flaccus has had various solo and group exhibitions in Bologna, Italy; New York City; Seattle; New London, Connecticut; Rome; Perugia and annually exhibits at Zabriskie Gallery in New York. He has written reviews for Art News, Arts Magazine, Soho Weekly News, New York Times, Artform and Art in America.

Mr Flaccus works primarily in encaustic which features molten beeswax mised with pigments and, sometimes, resins, which is kept fluid as it is brushed and manipulated on a wooden surface. Through rapid gestures, he adds multiple layers of color and often scrapes back through these layers creating a luminous surface which both reflects and absorbs external light.

Our Luxury!, 1996His Native Coast, 1996
encausto su tavola encausto su tavola
cm 175 x 115 cm 175 x 115

Peter Flaccus will be a special critic for the Fine Arts painting class.

Dana Prescott

Dana Prescott received her Master of Arts degree in Painting from Villa Schifanoia Graduate School of Fine Arts Rosary College in Florence, Italy. Her Bachelor of Arts degree was received from Skidmore College in Saratoga, Florida. She has had further studies at Harvard University, University of New Hampshire, Drew University, Hunter College and Rhode Island School of Design.

An educator and artist, Dana Prescott, has been living and working in Italy for most of the past fourteen years, and has served as director of Rhode Island School of Design's European Honors Program in Rome, and is currently on the faculty of Temple University/Tyler School of Arts's Rome center. Her paintings on paper are shown extrensively in exhibitions in Europe (including Rome and Vienna) and the United States. She is married to attorney Donald Carroll and the mother of a 10 year-ole boy.

Chloe Come Home, 150 x 48 cm

For Iowa State University Interior Design students she will teach a ten-hour workshop on watercolor, rendering, and sketchbook development during a three-week period in studio.

Richard Piccolo

Richard Piccolo, an architect who teaches in Rome, provided a special drawing workshop for the Fall semester 1996 Interior Design Program in Rome. He will teach a 10 hour drawing workshop and tutor Fine Arts and Interior Design students who are enrolled in the drawing class.

Mr. Piccolo has been out of Rome for the summer and has not been available to provide a resume or biographical statement.


Kevin Waltz

Kevin Waltz is a sucessful artist and designer with offices in New York and Rome. He studied at Pratt Institute and the New York Studio School. He has reveived 1994 and 1997 Metropolitan Home Design 100 Hall of Fame awards, the 1994-95 Rome Prize at the American Academy in Rome, a 1994 Interior Design Hall of Fame award, five ID Review awards, two Interiors awards and the 1989 IBD award for his Steel Bar Lamp.

Kevin Waltz has been published in Metropolitan Home, The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Elle DECOR, Home, Interior Design, Contract Design, California Beach Homes, Architectural Digest, House and Garden, Deutsche Bauzeitschrift (Germany), Interiors, Color, Domus (Italy), Atrium (Germany), A & U (Japan) and Progressive Architecture.

He has had exhibitions in Rome, New York and Cleveland.

Kevin will work with the ISU Interior Design Students in studio on a charrette project for three weeks at the beginning the semester in Rome and will provide special tour materials and lectures for a field trip to Milan, Italy.


Arne Seim

Arne Seim received a Bachelor of Science in Distributed Studies and a Bachelor of Art in French from Iowa State University. He received his Bachelor of Art in Portuguese and Italian from the University of Iowa and has been the Italian instructor for the Fine Art and Interior Design Study Abroad Program students since January, 1997. He will be accompanying the ISU students Fall semester '97 for the month of September and will teach two sections: one for beginners, the other for those who have taken Italian classes during Spring semester '97.

Arne has traveled extensively in Brazil, taught French for two years in the U.S. military and spent Fall semester '96 teaching Italian at the Des Moines Central Campus High School under the watchful tutelage of a native Calabrian. (Calabria is the region in the toe of the Italian boot). Our Italian instructor is looking forward to the Italian cultural experience as all students and faculty from ISU are and knows it will be intense. Arne suggests that Italians will not let the ISU students hide in their shell, and he expects his students, who will be in Italy for four months, to speak Italian as well as he does by Christmas!


Paulette Hebert, PhD

Dr. Paulette Hebert has 17 years of experience as a lighting designer and for the last eight years, she has served as principle of Paulette Hebert Lighting Consultants, In.c a lighting design firm offerning lighting design services for a wide variety of project types including retail, office, eccleasiastics, airport, medical and entertainment facilities. Dr. Hebert's lighting designs are found throughout the United States as well as internationally. Notable are a series of shoe stores on the U.S. East Coast for which Hebert received serveral lighting design awards (see below). Additionally, for the past 11 years, Dr. Hebert has taught lighting design and related courses and has lectured by invitation to many student and professional groups in various design disciplines. Recently, she has lectured to architecture and design students at the prestigious Universidad De Iberoamericana in Mexico City and Mexico City's student chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America as well as the interior design students at Louisiana State University and Oklahoma State University. In 1996 she made a juried presentation during the National Conference of the National Retail Federation in New York City (annual conference which is the most well attended conference held in New York City). She has also been a speaker at both regional and national conferences of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. She has won several regional and national lighting design awards and her articles and projects have been published in international design publications including Architectural Lighting and Lighting Design and Application magazines. She serves on three national committees of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America including the Retail and Merchandise Lighting Subcommittee. She is currently the Book Review Editor for Lighting Design and Application magazine.

Dr. Hebert is currently an Assitant Professor in the School of Architecture at University of Southwestern Louisiana. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Louisiana State Unversity in Human Ecology (Merchandising) with a Minor in Marketing. She has a Masters in Human Ecology (Merchandising) and a Bachelors of Interior Design Degree. Dr. Hebert has judged numerous lighting and other student and professional design competitions. She has also presented refereed papers at regional and national design conferences and has had her work published in refereed proceedings. She is a full or educator member of the following organizations: the International Association of Lighting Designers, the American Society of Interior Designers, the International Facility Management Association, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, the Interior Design Educators Council and the International Interior Design Association. She also serves as a member of the Louisiana State Board of Examiners of Interior Designers.

Award Winning Lighting Design

Dr. Hebert will share her special expertise in retail lighting design, working with the ISU Interior Design students in their studio for one week in November. She will also provide a special evening lecture on lighting design for the Fine Arts and Interior Design students and their guests.


Francesco Cavaliere

Francesco Cavaliere studied English and French languages at the Westminister School in London and photography and film studies at Chelsea and Westminister Institute in London. He also studied television production at South Thames College in London. He is a native of Italy. He writes and speaks fluent Italian, English and French.

Francesco is a freelance photographer and contributor for Grazia Neri in Milan and La Camera Chiara, Emmegi and Blow Up in Rome. He has worked as set photographer on several feature, shorts and documentary films including "Burattini" (Bilbao International film festival 1993), "A Straight Long Road" (Cannes film festival 1994), and "Isotta," and "The Wardrobe" (Vencie Film festival 1996). He has taught photography classes at the cultural center "Il Melogranl" and will instruct the ISU Fine Arts and Interior Design students enrolled in Photography for 15 clock hours.

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