Fall of 1997


465/565R Interior Design Studio V:

(2-9) cr. 5. f. Prereq: 460, credit or enrollment in 461..Design research and refined problem solving methods including functional analysis,programming and detailing. Enpasis on large scale, complex and institutional projects. Study abraod option. Field trip fee, materials fee.


Shirlee R. Singer, ASID, FIDEC
Professor of Art and Design

Course Description:

The class features three activities: seminar/lecture, interior design studio projects and skills enchancement/building. The seminar/lecture segment will focus on refining personal design potentials, improving application of design methods and frameworks for problem-solving, and increasing knowledge of technical information. Two interior design studio projects will be assigned for the semester. The first project will be a three-week hospitality design charrette conducted by Kevin Walz, a practicing designer with offices in New York and Rome. The second project will target a student-defined retail interior design project. Skills enhancements include special watercolor instruction to improve rendering techniques, and a sketchbook featuring and analyzing drawing in Italy. The three class activities will be grounded in multi-cultural comparisons between Italian and the variety of "home" cultures representative of students in the class.

Learning Objectives:

1. To promote:
transfer of learning
art/cultural awareness application
design method application
2. To reinforce:
drawing/design skills
visualization techniques
professional work habits


Evaluation of student work will focus on positive class participation and improvement of learning objectives as evidenced in assigned readings, exercises, quizzes, and interior design projects. Grades will be computed on the following time approximations of each activity:
Seminar (approx. 20 hours) 20%
Studio projects (approx. 100 hours) 50%
Watercolor (approx. 20 hours) 20%
Sketchbook (approx. 10 hours) 10%


Each apartment building or living unit must have at least one set of the following books. Roommates may determine how they wish to share the purchase and use of text material.
Baucom, Alfred H. Hospitality Design For the Graying Generation. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. New York. 1996.

Clark, Roger H. & Pause, Michael. Precedents in Architecture. 2nd Ed. Van Nostrand Reinhold. New York. 1996.

Jones, John Chris. Design Methods. 2nd Ed.Van Nostrand Reinhold. New York. 1992.

Pilatowicz, Grazyna. Eco-Interiors: A Guide to Environmentally Conscious Interior Design. John Wiley & Sons. New York. 1995.

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