Two field trips have been included in the program fee for the Iowa State University, College of Design, Art and Design Department studies abroad program for Fall semester 1997. A long field trip of 5 to 6 nights will include a visit to Florence and Venice. A shorter field trip will include Milan.

An additional optional day or over night trip may be planned for Pompeii and/or Paestum. Optional day trips are planned for Ostia Antica the ancient Roman seaport, and Tivoli where students may visit Villa d'Este and Villa Adrianna (Hadrian's Villa). Various other sites inthe vicinity of Rome may also be visited as a group or individually.


Interior design and fine arts students will collaborate to bring together historical and/or contemporary information about an assigned place we expect to visit in Italy. Each team will be acting as site resource people and will make a presentation in Rome prior to field trips or walking tours. This presentation may include lecture, discussion, sildes, handouts, brochures, booklets, maps, etc. Team members should use favorite ways of teaching classmates. Research will be completed before leaving the US since library materials in Italy are in Italian and gerenally not accessible to American students. Parks Library access on the Internet will be more limited in Italy than on the ISU campus because of the added telephone costs in Italy.

Five of the possible ways of organizing and conveying information about a site visit should include two or three of the following methods of intellectual study.


Team reports will be presented during the Art and Design in Europe class period. In the studio in Rome a slide projector and Power Macintosh is available for student shared use.

In some instances an expert who has devoted his or her life to knowing about a specific area of study or site will lecture to the class. If and when an expert overlaps with a team report, use the experience to improve skills in researching a topic and presenting information. The team should take the lead asking insightful questions of the expert.


Southern Tour

National Archeological Museum Tours, Naples, Italy
Jared Bals
Jacie Wilson

Walkling tour Pompeii, Italy
Chris Brandel
Beej Jasani

Paestum and Museum
Emily Burgett
Daniel Hyland

Rome Walking Tours

Prior to taking the class on walking tours in Rome, team leaders should scout out the route and various side interests. Determine means of transportation, where the class members should assemble, transportation and entrance costs, length of walk, best time and stopping off points.

Walk by the River Tiber
Jennifer Clark
Brenton Veak

Walk along Via Giulia
Jodi Fee
Mary Sofiakis

Rome's Triumphal Arches
Brenden Lyons
Tiffany Townsend

Rome's Best Mosaics
Kerry McFate
Dana Struck

Walk around Bernini's Rome
Kim Seang Poam
Sarah Stowell

Walk along the Via Appia Antica
Kimberly Robinson
Jay Reyhons


Villa d'Este and Villa Adrianna
Andrea Johnson
Jodie Fabian


Piazza del Duomo Piazza della Signoria
Scott Sjobakken
Heather Peiffer

Uffizzi Museum
Lisa Ulch
Frank Ma

Bargello Gallery Santa Croce Neighborhood
Kirsha Baldwin
Shannon Olson

Pitti Palace and Basilica of S. Lorenzo
Paula Streeter
Stacy Wilson


Ca' Pesaro, Ca' Rezzonico e Museo del Settecento Veneziano
Mike Naugle
Ann Nordeen

Collezione Guggenheim Venice Biennalle
Sarah Hill
Colleen Murphy

Palazzo Ducale (The Doge's Palace) Basilica di San Marco
Amy Blair
Rachel Brosnan

San Giorgio Maggiore Murano
Tina Larson
Cynthia Nurwono

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