ARTDP430 (530 DL) Drawing IV. (0-6) Cr. 3 each time taken, maximum of 9. F. S. Prereq: Art 330. Figurative and/or non-figurative drawing with advanced work in media, composition, and theory. Materials fee. (ARTDP 330 will be waived; ART 230 will not be waived as a prerequisite).

Instructor: Claud Singer, ISU

MW 8:30 - 12:30 AM
Address: Sede Di Roma

Course Description

To continue building upon awareness and sensitivity to
compositional possibilities.

To further practice drawing techniques.

To continue developing the mastery of the principles of design and
the elements of art as they may be applied to
various drawing media and personal intents.

To sharpen creative problem solving and critical thinking abilities
through self evaluation and the process of the critique.

To broaden the appreciation of Italian drawing and world art as it
may apply to your work.

To further personal aestheti, visual logic and metaphor in a

personally relevant manner.

Course work will be divided between on-site sketching, studio set ups, preliminary design and compositional investigations, media exploration and subject development. Regular formative evaluation (critiquing) of work in progress and the fluency and flexibility inherent in studio activity will provide the basis for development into finished works.

To prepare for the exhibit upon return to campus, some portion of sketches and studies need to be readied for that event. Summative evaluation (final critiquing) will take place in both Rome and in the College of Design.

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