SPLIDA Splus Life Data Analysis for Splus2000

This page provides download of an old version of SPLIDA. This version is the last version that I produced for S-PLUS 2000 (which was based on the old SV3 S engine). This version of SPLIDA is no longer supported, but I make it available for those who do not yet have access to S-PLUS 6.0 or better.

I strongly recommend upgrading to a new version of S-PLUS, both for the benefits of the new version of S-PLUS and also to take advantages of the improvements and additions that have been made (and that will continue to be made) in subsequent versions of SPLIDA.

Click here to download the August 7, 2002 version of SPLIDA for Splus 4.5 or Splus 2000.

Installation instructions for this older version of SPLIDA are available in a pdf document that is in the distribution file.

To go to the official homepage for Splida, click www.public.iastate.edu/~splida. here.

Click here to go to W.Q. Meeker's homepage.