Saulo Orizaga

Saulo Orizaga
Iowa State University
Department of Mathematics

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Campus address : Carver Hall 429
Office Hours: MWF 11-12 with open door policy

This page will have the information on two Qualifying exams

The material that I will post here will be for reference only, it is always advised that you first go over the qualifying exam syllabus
and make sure that you can cover every single topic and attain a deep understanding of that material. As a graduate student taking a
qualifying exam, you are responsible for mastering everything listed on the exam syllabus even in the case where class time constraints
did not allow for certain topics to be covered by the instructor.

(On a side note)I decided to take my qualifying exams in the following order :
First I took the Numerical Qualifying exam in Spring 2012 : First Qual
Then I took the Applied Math Qualifying exam Fall 2012: Second Qual

For the Methods of Applied Mathematics examination I have included solutions from several students that have made
contributions for these compiled solutions. I also include at the bottom of the column of the M.A.M.Q. the collection
of solutions that were used during the Summer 2012 Review Session by Lead T.A Brian Estervig.

Another source of solutions can be found under the website of Jose de Jesus Martinez.
Here is the link for his own personal solutions Jesus' Solutions

Applied Math Qual. Solutions

Fall 1998
Spring 1999
Fall 1999
Spring 2000
Fall 2000
Spring 2001
Fall 2001
Spring 2002
Fall 2002
Spring 2003
Fall 2003
Spring 2004
Fall 2004
Spring 2005
Fall 2005
Spring 2006

[Collection of Solutions from 2012 Study Group]

Applied Math Hws

Math 520 Project

Numerical Qual. Solutions

Fall 2002
Spring 2003
Fall 2003
Spring 2004
Fall 2004

Fall 2005
Spring 2006
Fall 2006
Spring 2007
Spring 2007a

Fall 2007
Spring 2008
Fall 2007a
Spring 2008a1
Spring 2008a2
Fall 2008

Fall 2009
Spring 2010
Spring 2010a

Numerical Analysis Hws

Final Hw/Project