Jiang Lab

Iowa State University| College of Engineering| Materials Science and Engineering


Articles and Recipes

  1. Introduction to surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) [pdf]
  2. Methods to prepare lipid vesicles (30 nm to 50 µm) [pdf]
  3. Synthesis of Stöber silica particles (dyed or not dyed) (80 nm to 1 µm) [pdf]
  4. Recipe for Au nanoparticles (6nm-24nm) [pdf]
  5. How to wash microspheres? [pdf]

Useful Links

  1. ACS College to Career  [link]
  2. How to write scientific papers [link]
  3. Communication skills: speaking simply [link]
  4. Industry vs. Academia: a junior employee's perspective[link], general guidelines [link], discussions [link]