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* = student author and advisee of Wanamaker; # = student author


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Erin Beirne: MS Geology 2011- "Pursuing a proxy for carbon cycling in the temperate North Atlantic: an investigation of the utility of Arctica islandica shell carbonate to millennial scale dissolved inorganic carbon reconstructions."

Shelly Griffin: MS Geology 2012- "Applying dendrochronology visual crossdating techniques to the marine bivalve Arctica islandica and assesing the utility of master growth chronologies as proxies for temperature and secondary productivity in the Gulf of Maine."

Erin Lower: MS Geology 2012- "A high-resolution geochemical proxy record of radiocarbon and oxygen isotopes in the Gulf of Maine using Arctica islandica shell carbonate."


Newsletters and Other Relevant Publications

Ridgway I, Richardson, C.A., Scourse, J.D., Wanamaker, A.D. Jr., and Butler, P., (2008) The long-lived clam Arctica islandica, a new model species for ageing research, British Society for Research on Ageing, Newsletter, June 2008.

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