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Climate Change Info Links (credit Dr. Erich C. Osterberg)

Scientifically robust data and insight on climate change

1. IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (2007)

2. Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (2004)

3. "Climate science from climate scientists". And they really are. These articles are all by very well respected scientists in the field of climate and paleoclimate, and they have great discussions about the topics of the day.

4. US National Climate Change Impact Assessment Report: a 2001 report from the National Assessment Research Team, an advisory committee to the US Global Change Research Program. Like the IPCC but just for the US.

Climate Projects

1. European Climate of the Last Millennium: The Millennium project is a multidisciplinary consortium of more than 39 European universities and research Institutes, with the aim of answering a single question: Does the magnitude and rate of 20th Century climate change exceed the natural variability of European climate over the last millennium?

2. Climate Science Initiative at Iowa State University: "The Climate Science Initiative (CSI) is established in response to urgent needs and opportunities for authoritative information certain to be forthcoming through almost every federal agency that supports research, state agencies, and the private sector in response to rapidly emerging public concern over global climate change and its regional implications. Because of its impact on every segment of society, and most directly the basic resources of soil and water and their role in food (and now fuel) production, climate change is a quintessential land-grant-university research issue."

Climate Data Links

Sclerochronology Links

PubSclero: Keep up with all of the latest sclerochronology papers!

2nd International Sclerochronology Conference 2010: Mainz, Germany 24 - 28 July, 2010

Earth Science Teaching Links