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Stable Isotope Paleo Environments Research Group (SIPERG)



Pricelist for Services (updated 8/13/2014)

Sample preparation differs with sample type (solid, liquid, gas) and for each analysis. Proper preparation is critical for quality results. Click here for sample preparation instructions.

Submitting your samples- please use the following forms: E/A samples prepared by you or all other samples. Additional tips for preparing and submitting your samples (click here).

Bulk rates may be available. Contact the Lab Manager Susy Ankerstjerne for more information. Download a copy of the pricelist (2014).




Mass Spectrometer

Cost (USD)






13C, 18O


Gas Bench


Delta XL Plus


$ 15 per sample




18O, 2H



Picarro L1102-i Isotopic Liquid Water Analyzer


$ 14 (1-49 samples)

$ 12 (50-99 samples)

$ 10 (> 100 samples)












Gas Bench


Delta XL Plus


$ 15 per sample




13C, 15N


Elemental Analyzer (E/A)


Delta XL Plus


$ 15 per sample (we prepare)


$ 12 per sample (you prepare, < 100 samples)


$ 10 per sample (you prepare, > 100 samples)







2H, 18O




Delta XL Plus


$ call


Quality Assurance

1. We use international isotopic standards (NBS 19, LSVEC, OH1 to OH4, IAEA-600, IAEA-CH-6, IAEA N1, IAEA N2, etc.) to place all samples on the appropriate isotope scale (e.g., VSMOW, VPDB). Click here for an assortment of example reports.

2. Click here for the Picarro L1102-i versus GasBench 18O water comparison.


* If your samples are poisoned (e.g., HgCl2), an additional charge of $20 will be applied to your bill for waste disposal.

Additional fees may be applied to your bill if the samples are not prepared correctly. If you are in doubt, please contact us (