So rich. So full of wonderful color. Mohair blend and fine marion wool fresh off the lamb. So very soft they knit like butter.

Sox Sox and more Sox! Funky, Fantastic or Functional, You'll find em all in here!

Hats and Scarves, Mittens and Sweaters. So much yarn, so little time.

Baby Hats, Baby Booties, Baby Blankets. We just love Babys!

Custom design for client
Yarns were hand dyed in her colors. Motief was drawn from an idea customer had and inturprited by me.

Price: 550.00

ALL Designs are original and one of a kind!

Yarns used:
Cashmere and Merino blend for the cobalt
Silk, bamboo and mohair for the base (white) color
Silk for the contrast colors (purple)

I created the design on paper then digitised it for use.