The Ripley’s moved to the 10 acres in 1966 and Nan started Hybridizing daylilies in 1998. There are many gardens on the property with many different perennials and trees interlaced with the daylilies and the seedlings to give a more intriguing view to the gardens.

We welcome the opportunity to share our gardens with visitors during the bloom season. Please call ahead so we will be able to give you a personal tour.

2004 & 2005 Introductions

NAN'S FIRST BLUSH  -Introduction 2004 -Shipping Fall 2004 -23" MRe - 5 l/2" - Elegant Viking white with large clean yellow ruffled edge. A splendid yellow changing into emerald green throat appears to draw you into the flower. Opens easily without hanging up even though having large ruffled edge. Vigorous grower in North and South, Fertile both ways. Wonder parent - sev-00TNR09 (AT FIRST BLUSH X WISEST OF WIZARDS) Tetraploid:  price $100.00 plus shipping.

DON LOVELL - Introduction 2005 - Shipping Fall 2005 -25" MRe - 6" -Dormant 00TNR01,   This is an extraordinary orchid pink flower with huge darker orchid pink eye and matching edge that has remarkable golden nuggets dripping from the outer most periphery.  Price $175.00 plus shipping. (ALWAYS AFTERNOON X IDA'S BRAID) X CLASSIC EDGE) This daylily will sell out fast you may want to put your order in early.



2003 Seedlings

2003 TNR01

2003 TNR02


2003 TNR03


2003 TNR04

2003 TNR05

2003 TNR06

2003 TNR07

2003 TNR08

2003 TNR09

2003 TNR10

2003 TNR11

2003 TNR12

2003 TNR13


2003 TNR14



2003 TNR15


2003 TNR16


2003 TNR17



2003 TNR18




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