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Depending on where you are coming from, is either dazzling or lunatic. Although ''Slow House'' does include certain necessities (like a kitchen and guest bedrooms), it is essentially a retreat with a view. Knowing that the client would arrive at his weekend hideaway after an automobile trip (with its own windshield-framed view), the architects extended the journey with a long driveway up to a narrow building facade that was just a doorway. The house curved like a banana; once you were inside, the shape prevented you at first from seeing the window in the back. When you finally got to the window-framed view, it was partly obstructed by a video monitor, displaying the same vista. In a revelation worthy of Duchamp, you realized that while the sea has always been there, only man can make a view.

Concept: The project seeks to represent the Diller+Scofidio project The Slow House in both a realistic manner and as a model. Since the house was never completed, its life as an architectural project has been through model and drawing form. In this project I attempted to manipulate that conception in an animation that flickers between model/real and real/stage set.

The Slow House, a weekend retreat on the Long Island waterfront designed in 1989 for a Japanese Art Investor