Shane has taught significant portions of courses and delivered lectures at both the graduate and undergraduate level in CE326 Introduction to Environmental Engineering, CE427 Environmental Engineering Science, CE428 Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes, CE527 Solid Waste Management, and CE529 Hazardous Waste Management. Lecture topics have included environmental microbiology, enzyme and growth kinetics, aerobic and anaerobic treatment processes for wastewater engineering, recycling and composting municipal solid waste, modeling landfill leachate generation, adsorption isotherms and design of activated carbon adsorbers, biochemistry, pathways of biodegradation, and bioremediation systems. Student evaluations of Shane's teaching have shown that the students perceptions of Shane's knowledge of technical principles, ability to clarify the concepts taught in class, and ability to provide a comfortable classroom environment were very good to excellent (5.50, 5.12, and 5.24, respectively based on a scale of 1 (= poor) to 6 (=excellent)). The students rated Shane as very good compared to other instructors they have had (5.00).

Shane is capable of teaching a broad range of material including water and wastewater engineering, hazardous and radioactive waste management, soil and water chemistry, air pollution control engineering, and introductory environmental engineering courses. At the undergraduate level, Shane is most interested in developing and promoting coursework aimed at better educating students in fundamental concepts of chemistry and microbiology. These courses may include environmental biogeochemistry, microbiology for engineers, and soil microbial ecology. At the graduate level, Shane is most interested in teaching bioremediation engineering, groundwater flow and pollution, and in particular the full cycle 16S rRNA approach with an emphasis on engineering applications.