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Welcome to my Music Interests Page. This is a brief summary of my music hobbies/avocations.
Trumpet      Trombone     Baritone

I like most every kind of music but my favorite kind of music is Traditional Jazz (1915-1930). My instruments are (in order of competence): Bb Trumpet, Baritone, Trombone, Eb Trumpet. I'm also teaching myself to compose and arrange music using piano (I don't play it) and computer (GenieSoft - Score Writer 4).

I've played Bb Trumpet (mouthpiece = Bach 5C) (or Baritone or Trombone) in the following bands:
High School and Grade School, Stevensville, Montana  (Trumpet)
Dance band combo, Stevensville, Montana  (Trumpet)
Dixieland band, White Sulphur Springs, Montana  (Trumpet)
Rhythm Rompers Dance band combo, White Sulphur Springs, Montana  (Trumpet)
Montana State University - Symphonic Band, Bozeman Montana  (Trumpet, Trombone)
Montana State University - Bobcat Marching Band, Bozeman Montana  (Trumpet)
Montana State University - Basketball Pep Band, Bozeman Montana  (Trumpet)
Montana State University - ROTC Marching Band, Bozeman Montana  (Trumpet)
King Radio Dixieland Band, Olathe, Kansas  (Trumpet)
Olathe Community Band, Olathe, Kansas  (Trumpet)
Ballard Community Band, Huxley, Iowa  (Trumpet, Baritone TC, Trombone)
High Society Big Band (40s Swing), Central Iowa  (Trumpet)
Tranished Brass Quintet, Ames, Iowa
Dixie Slicks Dixieland Band, Ames, Iowa  (Trumpet, Baritone TC, Trombone)
"My Fair Lady" pit orchestra, lead, Nevada, Iowa  (Trumpet)
Heartland Senior Band, Ames, Iowa  (Trumpet, Baritone TC Trombone)
Heartland Jazz Band, Ames, Iowa
Story City Community Band, Story City, Iowa  (Trumpet)
Johnson Station Jazz Band, Johnston, Iowa
Fly Boys Polka Band, Story City, Iowa  (Trumpet, Baritone TC, Trombone)
Community Jazz Center Big Band, Des Moines, Iowa
West Des Moines Community Band
, West Des Moines, Iowa
Traditional Jazz Workshop, San Diego, California
Ames Euphonium Choir, Ames, Iowa (Baritone TC)

My music interests are:
I've recently started arranging old tunes for traditional jazz and for combo playing. The software is Score Writer 4 by GenieSoft. So far so good!


Red Hot Jazz - A great site for early jazz. Includes history, musicians, and playable tunes
Mississippi Rag - Well-established online news about traditional jazz and ragtime
American's Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society AFCDJS - San Diego, CA
Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society
Jazz Roots - A developing web site in June 2009
Jazz Styles - Traditional Jazz - Educational site

HISTORIC NOTE: This page was created in 1995 and never updated until now. Those were some of my first days on the internet and my career
was consuming all of my time. Below is that first entry.

Welcome to my Music Interests page. This is a brief summary of my music hobbies/avocations. For questions, comments, suggestions, contact:
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