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Steve F. Russell, Ph.D., P.E.  Emeritus Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Welcome to my retirement home page at Iowa State University

I retired from Iowa State after the spring semester of 2007 and am now enjoying a busy schedule of, family, hobbies, and avocations.
Most of my time is spent with the following activities:

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Wireless Communication System Theory and Practice, DSP for Receivers, Global Positioning System, RF design, Wireless Network Security
SFR@IASTATE.EDU Phone: (515)-294-2663 Fax: (515)-294-8432


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Dr. Russell's professional experience and interests are in the general areas of wireless communication systems, wireless network security, digital signal processing for communications, Global Positioning System, and RF design. He teaches courses in wireless communication systems, networking, discrete math, communication systems theory, statistical communications theory, spread-spectrum, DSP, spectral analysis, electric circuits, and filters. His current research interests are in wireless network security, spread-spectrum and DSP techniques applied to radio communications and acoustics. He has also done research in image processing and digital filter design theory. His sponsored research has been with RCA/GE, Rockwell International, Texas Instruments, Center for NDE, and Center for Advanced Technology Development.

He is a Senior member of IEEE and is a past student branch advisor for the Central Iowa Section of IEEE. He is a member of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). He is also a member of Sigma Xi and is a registered professional engineer in the State of Iowa. Dr. Russell is a native of Idaho and Montana. He was born in Lewiston, Idaho and spent his growing years in Idaho at Weippe, Orofino, and Lochsa Lodge (Powell), and in Montana in the Bitter Root Valley, and at White Sulphur Springs.

Dr. Russell is a Past Chair of the Iowa Section of ASNT and a Past President of the Nez Perce National Historic Trail Foundation.

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