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Virgin Islands

U.S.V.I - During my sophomore year in high school I had the amazing chance to go to the United States Virgin Islands. We stayed on the island of St. John, at Maho Bay, and from there ventured out to many remote locations, including: the British Virgin Islands, St. Croix, Jost Van Dyke and Whitebay Beach(specifically the Soggy Dollar Bar), Willy T's, tourist destinations such as "The Indians" and the island where they shot part of Gilligan's Island(amazing little sand bar).

Choosing St. John

island map

Pictured above is a map of St. Johns, I was blessed to be able to spend 12 days on this little slab of paradise, and got to visit almost every nook and cranny due to this. We loved Maho, Cinnamon, and Trunk Bay more than the rest due to the beauty of the water, and the laid back atmospheres. My family chose St. John over St. Thomas and St. Croix as this island seemed to have been influenced by tourism the least. There were no large chain restaurants, and only a few hotels on the island.

Information about the United States Virgin Islands

Land Area Native Population Tourists per Year
St. John 19.61 sq. mi. (50.8km2)1 4,170(as of 2010)1 2,633,000(too small so shared with St. Thomas)4
St. Thomas 31.13 sq. mi.(80.7km2)2 51,634 (as of 2010)2 2,633,000(as of 2009 most def. I could find)4
St. Croix 82.88 sq. mi. (214.7km2)2 50,601 (as of 2010)2 284,000(as of 2009 most def. I could find)4

As you can see, St. Thomas which is the second largest island primarily handles the majority of the tourists that come to the Virgin Islands. St. Croix being the second largest handles the remaining vast majority. St. John is more remote, to reach this small piece of heaven you actually are required to take a ferry ride from one of the larger islands.


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