Past Conferences Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by the International Statistical Institute Committee on Statistics in Business and Industry (SBI)

One of the activities of SBI is sponsor and co-sponsor conferences relating to the subject of statistics in business and industry. This page contains information about past conferences that were so sponsored.

The scientific program of the Symposium was set up by the Steering Committee in co-operation with the statistical associations that scientifically co-sponsored the event. These were the International Federation of Classification Societies (represented by its President Jean Paul Rasson from the University of Namur in Belgium), the International Association for Statistical Computing (represented by the Chairman of its European Regional Section Gianfranco Galmacci from the University of Perugia), the ISI Committee on Statistics in Business and Industry (represented by Bovas Abraham from the University of Ontario in Canada) and by the Italian Statistical Society. The program comprised 10 invited lectures and 29 contributed papers organized in 6 sessions on the following themes: New PLS-based Methods and Algorithms; Topics related to Multivariate Analysis; Validation, Variables Selection and Subspace Identification in PLS; Multi-Block PLS Methods; Issues in PLS Approach; PLS Industrial Applications. All lectures were delivered in plenary sessions.

The invited lectures were given by Svante Wold (PCA and PLS with Very Large Data Sets),Bovas Abraham (Dimensionality Reduction Approach to Multivariate Prediction), Michele Forina (Weighting Predictors and Objects in PLS), Sijmen de Jong ((Direct) Orthogonal Signal Correction: Comparison of Old and New Algorithms), Harald Martens (Multivariate Analysis of Quality" Garmt Dijksterhuis - "GP-PLSR: An Integrated Technique for Analysing Sensory Science Data), D.L. Massart, (Diagnostics for Application of PLS in Multivariate Calibration), Tormod Næs (Optimised Score Plot by Principal Components of Predictions), Inge Helland (Rotational Symmetry, Model Reduction and Optimality of Prediction from the PLS Population Model), Aloke Phatak (PLS, Conjugate Gradients), and Lanczos Methods. PLS'01 has shown that PLS-based methods have now become a research topic of high interest for statisticians covering a very broad area of statistical methods, from regression to generalized linear models, from data analysis to causal and path modeling, with several theoretical and statistical properties being demonstrated.


SI committee and by Soren Bisgaard of ENBIS.