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library research

Library Catalog
Search ISU's Library Catalog to find out what the Library owns (or provides access to) on your particular topic. Includes books, videos, cd-rom's, cataloged websites, journals, and more.


American Indian Multimedia Encyclopedia. (Library only; ask at Ref Desk )
Text and graphics, video, and audio files provide background information on numerous tribes, their histories, folklore, religions. Includes numerous biographies, reference materials, and a multimedia gallery.

Asian American Encyclopedia (REF E184 .O6 A827 1995)
Six-volume set covers Asian American groups, individuals, histories, organizations, and topics important to an understanding of Asian American realities.

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History (REF E185 .544 1996)
Authoritative signed essays profile individuals, regional histories, academic disciplines, and a fascinating range of cultural and historical topics. Roughly two-thirds of all entries in this indispensable five-volume set are biographical.

Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism (REF E184.A1 E58 1994)
Slim eight volume set includes information on racial & ethnic groups, individuals, events, legislation, and movements. Also provides entries on a broad variety of general topics and themes that may often transcend racial & ethnic issues, such as student activism in the 1960s, the Boy Scouts, and antifeminism. Includes many illustrations; longer entries include brief bibliographies.

Gale Encylopedia of Multicultural America (REF E184.A1 G14 1995)
Two-volume set profiles over 100 racial & ethnic groups in the U.S. Entries include lists of newspapers, magazines, radio stations, organizations, museums & research centers, and bibliographies relevant to each group. Various American Indian groups (such as Cherokee, Ojibwa, Navajos, Sioux, Tlingit, and Choctaws) are profiled individually, as are various Asian American and Latino sub-groups.

Handbook of North American Indians (REF E77 .H25)
Authoritative essays and bibliographies comprise this massive twenty-volume set, half of which has yet to be published. Most volumes published to date focus on a particular cultural area (such as the Arctic, the Subarctic, the Northwest Coast, California, the Southwest, and the Great Basin area); two other volumes focus on language and race relations between American Indians and whites. From the Smithsonian Institute.

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups (REF E184 .A1 H35)
Authoritative one volume encyclopedia provides lengthy signed entries that describe the history and presence of over 100 racial & ethnic cultural groups in the United States, including numerous European ethnic groups. Also includes thematic essays on topics such as "American Identity & Americanization," "Language maintenance," and "History of Prejudice & Discrimination," among many others. Includes maps, tables, and bibliographies for further reading. Now a bit dated in places, but still the classic.

Latino Encyclopedia (REF E184.S75 L357 1996)
Authoritative six volume set covers topics, individuals, and concepts important to an understanding of Latino peoples in the United States. Longer articles signed, and with brief list of suggested readings. Includes numerous black and white illustrations, photographs, and tables.

Library Research Guides
Annotated lists of reference books and other resources held by Parks Library and relevant to African American, American Indian, Asian American, and Latino research topics. Very useful as guides to materials in the ISU Library collection; includes ISU call numbers.

Nation of Peoples: A Sourcebook on America's Multicultural Heritage (REF E184.A1 N2866 1999)
Authoritative, signed essays profile 27 major racial & ethnic groups in the U.S. and their respective histories. Latino and Asian American sub-groups (such as Puerto Ricans, Filipinos, etc.) are profiled individually, rather than grouped together and generalized. Includes statistics, and bibliographies for further reading. A useful companion to the Harvard Encylopedia of American Ethnic Groups.

Official Guide to Racial & Ethnic Diversity (REF E184.A1 R81x 1996)
Data and statistics on Asian Americans, African Americans, Latinos, American Indians, and "whites" in the U.S., focusing on topics such as education, health, households and living arrangements, housing, income, labor force, population, and wealth & spending. Compiled originally for marketing research, but useful for other applications as well.


Academic Universe (ISU only)
Mega database includes current full-text newspaper articles and full-text articles from news-oriented magazines and journals, plus many resources for business and legal research.

America: History & Life (ISU only)
Online history database provides bibliographic citations and abstracts on research journal articles relevant to the study of United States and Canadian history dating from prehistoric times to the present, from more than 2100 journals. Also includes citations for dissertations, book, film and video reviews. Coverage is publications from 1982-present; a print version also available in the Library covers publications from 1964-present.

Bibliography of Native North Americans (Reference Area only; sign up at Reference Desk)
Provides access to citations of books, journal articles, government documents and reports pertaining to American Indians. Disciplines covered include anthropology, archaeology, history, and ethnic studies.

Black Studies on Disc. (Library only)
This CD-ROM provides bibliographic citations to books, videos, manuscripts, art objects, journal articles, book reviews , and other materials pertaining to African American and Afreican diaspora studies. Includes an electronic version of the Index to Black Periodicals, as well as the library catalog from the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Focus is on the humanities, social sciences and the arts. Note that the Schomburg Center will not loan out unique items through Interlibrary Loan. Check other catalogs for holdings.

Ethnic NewsWatch (ISU only)
Unique and versatile source provides bibliographic citations and full-text articles from U.S. racial and ethnic minority newspapers, newsmagazines, and some journals. The database focus is on African American, American Indian, Asian American, and U.S. Latino newspapers, though publications from many other minority groups are included. (Click here for a current list.) Also includes a publishers' directory, circulation figures, advertising rates, and histories of individual newspapers. In English and Spanish. Coverage is from 1990 to the present. Updated monthly.

Expanded Academic ASAP (ISU only)
Multi-disciplinary database contains citations and many full-text articles on current events, social sciences, and humanities. Journal coverage is from 1994 to the present, and backfiles (1980-1993) are available for some journals. Better than average selection of U.S. racial & ethnic minority publications.

PAIS (ISU only)
Provides access to journal articles, government documents, reports, statistics, and other resources dealing with domestic and international public policy materials on business, government, demographics, law, political science, public administration, education, and other areas, 1972-present.

SAGE Race Relations Abstracts Institute of Race Relations, London. Quarterly, 1975- . (REF HT1501 .S3x)
International in scope, each issue includes bibliographical essays on specialized topics, and annotated abstracts for journal articles and books dealing with race relations. Broad subject index.

Sociological Abstracts (previously known as SocioFile) (ISU only)
Provides access to journal articles and abstracts in sociology and many related research fields, 1963-present.

library research

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selected web resources

African American Culture
Annotated list of authoritative and scholarly African American websites, with an emphasis on sites with large collections of links elsewhere, educational sites and research centers, organizations and associations, selected e-journals, and discussion groups. By Elna L. Saxton and Jo McClamroch; published also in College & Research Libraries News.

Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
Major collection of online exhibits, documents, and links to ethnic studies materials representative of many different groups; with a special focus on European immigrant groups in the U.S., including Italian Americans and Polish Americans. Can be slow to load.

Brief Introduction to Irish & Irish-American Resources on the Internet
Listing of Irish and Irish American cultural links across the world, organized by subject; includes a number of Irish American newspapers and e-journals. By Rebekah Tanner, for the New York Library Association's Ethnic Services Roundtable.

German Heritage
Well-organized collection of online biographies of over 200 famous German Americans, plus digital books, essays, teaching resources, and links elsewhere related to German American culture and history.

Hellenic Times
Online Greek American newspaper features articles on current events, politics, and entertainment. Includes archives of back issues and a search engine. From New York; in English.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Slow to load, but one of the biggest web clearinghouses for American Indian resources and information of all kinds, organized by subject; includes search engine.

Judaism & Jewish Resources
One of the most extensive and multifaceted collections of Jewish websites and Internet resources, organized by subject. Includes brief annotations. By Andrew Tannenbaum, a web pioneer.

Migrations in History
Online collection of signed essays and historical images organized by the Smithsonian Institute. Topics of interest include "Gypsies" in the United States, Borders & Identities, which explores Mexican American and Canadian border culture and identity, and Seeking the Source, a thorough tutorial that teaches how to collect and use primary source materials.

Current Arab American e-magazine of opinions and essays on Arab American identity, culture, and politics. Back issues are archived, with most essays still available online. Sponsored by Arab Media House; in English.

Recommended US Latino Web Sites
Extensive annotated list of meta-sites, directories, clearinghouses, e-journals, and electronic newspapers dealing with Latinos. Focus on Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, and Salvadorans, Dominicans, Colombians, and Guatemalans in the US. Soon to be published in Latino Library Services, McFarland Press.

UCLA Asian American Studies Center Links
Long unannotated list of Asian American links; especially useful because many different Asian American groups are represented. No search engine.

Universal Black Pages
Vast collection of African American and African diaspora web resources and information. Includes search engine.

library research

selected web resources

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research tips

How to Critically Analyze Information Sources
Comprehensive online tutorial in the form of questions to consider when evaluating both print and Web materials, written by reference librarians at Cornell University.

Library Research Process
Online guide explains how to do research, from beginning point of defining your topic, through finding information, evaluating it, and documenting your sources. Useful especially for beginners; includes links to other research and evaluation guides.

Online Citation Manuals
List of popular style manuals (such as the MLA and the Chicago) and links to their Web versions. Call numbers are also given for their print counterparts in ISU's Parks Library.

Researching Online
Exhaustive and authoritative online textbook provides much useful information on when and how to use the Internet for scholarly literary research. URLs to sample sites and listserv addresses are provided, along with instructions on how to make use of numerous Internet services. Includes links to other helpful sites. From Literature Online, a website supplement to Kennedy & Gioia's textbook, Literature (7th edition).

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