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Political Communication & the Internet:
Conducting Issue & Candidate Research on the Web

In this instruction session, participants will...

  • review Web networking basics, such as how to navigate, and how to interpret URL's and domains
  • learn & apply basic concepts of how to find and evaluate Web resources, how to cite Web pages for research, and related information literacy topics
  • recognize differences in how search engines & directories work, and how this impacts search results

  • practice using various Web search engines, directories, and websites to locate relevant information & resources on the Web
  • research & explore authoritative Web resources on issues, interest groups, candidates, politics, and political parties

This instruction session and accompanying web pages were designed & presented by Susan A. Vega García, Assistant Professor, Parks Library, Iowa State University. Susan Vega García is a reference librarian, and bibliographer for racial & ethnic studies at Iowa State University. She has published research and reviews on the topic of racial & ethnic minority library materials.

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Comments: Susan A. Vega García
Iowa State University Library, Ames, IA 50011
Last updated: 01 August 2000.
Created: 16 July 2000.