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Here's an explanation of what I mean by putting copyright notices on my pages. The design, concept, and research that has gone into putting together this Web site has been considerable, plus all original writing on these pages was done by me, and I wish to protect my work. Of course, the content of the external pages to which I link is not included under my copyright notice, nor is public domain clip art I've used. Please do make use of any of the original resources here, but please cite my pages as the source of your information, particularly if you are quoting or otherwise taking my words verbatim in any paper, web page, or publication.

Please cite!
I say please cite because portions of my work, especially my beleaguered Recommended U.S. Latino Websites page, have been plagiarized several times on the web, disseminated over several e-mail discussion lists in ASCII format without my permission, liberally quoted (with no quotes used and without my name attached), and even plagiarized in a recent published book. I have successfully fought every instance of unauthorized use of my work that I have discovered, and will continue to do so. All of this is of course unnecessary when citing sources properly. For those who have done so, t

As I used to explain on this page, I began creating web pages when I first came to Iowa State University. It was difficult getting established as a new librarian there, and a lonely experience. Oddly, I was inspired by an unusual source while writing my web pages -- a vegetarian cookbook called Laurel's Kitchen. In her introduction, the author explains that sharing food and inviting others to your table is a fundamental means of creating a sense of "community." As a new librarian at Iowa State University back in 1995, I created my own web community with this in mind. It is my wish that I have created a place where all will feel comfortable and all will come away having been enriched. Let me know what you think.

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