"To conduct both fundamental and applied scholarly research in environmental engineering specifically on bioprocess engineering for industrial, agricultural, and municipal liquid and solid wastes treatment to alleviate the growing environmental pollution and to recover value-added products from waste streams".



Traditionally, the focus of pollution control has been to get rid of pollutants from a single medium (either liquid, solid or gas).  Often the pollutants are simply transformed from one medium to another (liquid to solid or gas and vice-versa).  This defeats the holistic goal of pollution control.  Since water bodies (liquid), land (solid) and air (gas) are three important entities of our environment, pristinity of these resources governs the overall environmental quality and the sustainability.  Therefore, pollution control in the truest sense requires comprehension of the phenomena that help to close the loop.  Along this line, my research efforts are directed towards developing an integrated environmental biotechnology that couples waste treatment with recovery of value-added products and bioenergy from waste streams.  I intend to develop and continue several hypothesis-driven research areas in environmental biotechnology that involves both process engineering and microbiology. Specifically, some of my foremost areas of research interest are:

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