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  • Film Analysis Reflection

    For the film analysis, I chose the documentary The Future of Food directed by Deborah Koons Garcia. I had to watch the film multiple times because the first few viewings, I found myself more interested in the information being delivered than the persuasive strategies being used. Clearly, if they held my attentions so well, the rhetorical tactics utilized were very successful.

    Eventually, through a lot of conscious effort, I found that the music score for the film helped with the organization and emotional affect of the movie. In the first writing, it was difficult to come up with a creative introduction. A strength of my writing is its informality. I need a strong, clever introduction to feed off of in writing the rest of m paper. In a rhetorical analysis, creative and witty writing doesn’t come as easily. In my attempt at a fun introduction, I threw off the reader and left him or her feeling lost and confused.

    In the revision, the biggest change made was that of the introduction. The edited version begins with an explanation of what is being analyzed. To satisfy my need for a fun introduction, I threw in a comparison to Remy the rat from Disney’s Ratatouille. Other revisions were made to paragraph structures making the paper sound less biased and more objective.

    I’m pleased with how the revisions turned out and I intend on watching The Future of Food with my family over winter break.