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  • Poster Reflection

    In creating the poster to represent a place in Ames worth recognizing, The Café was an easy pick. I visited multiple times to perform “research” on the environment, business structure, and, of course, the menu. In making the poster, I attempted to emanate the venue of the restaurant’s brick walls, cozy setting, and ornamented food. For the font, I stuck with the style used on the front of the building.

    The most difficult aspect of the poster project was working with Photoshop. Having no prior experience, learning the rules and language was tedious and somewhat frustrating. Slowly but surely I developed the poster. In creating a second draft, only minute changes were needed. I made some areas lighter and shadowed in others. Overall I much enjoyed this project. I was able to put a lot of emotion into my poster because I loved The Café and its values.